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Today’s review: A Popstache ride

Happy black Friday; and what better way to mark it than with…another mixed “Losering” review, this one on Popstache.

Well, reviewer Evan Brown does have some nice things to say (“spot on,” “generally enjoyable literary voice,” “interesting insight”). But there are some less-positive things, too, including “nothing groundbreaking” and “excessive and ridiculous.” I guess the reviewer’s conclusion about sums it up: “…by no means an essential read, but it sure is a quick and fun one.”

Thank you. I think. No, really, thank you! Anyway, check it out.

Meanwhile, on the way-negative end of the spectrum is a nasty little takedown on the Ryan Adams Archive, which concludes thusly:

The second half of the book is simply appalling music criticism, fleshed out with the writer telling us which famous ex of Ryan’s he thinks the songs on Gold are written about and even, at one point, listing his own mix-cd that he made of the three 2005 albums! And he let this shit go to print! Surely, this web-site would be the appropriate forum to list a Ryan mix that you’ve made, and are proud of, NOT a professionally published book! This is the first book, proper, that has come out about (in my opinion) the most fascinating, prolific (yawn) and animated creative artist around today, and Menconi fobbed us off with this load of word-wank. Not good enough. Piece of shit.

Dang, dude, tell us how you really feel!

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