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Of quips, rips ‘n’ nosebleeds

nosebleedWe give thanks that “Losering” continues to turn up in odd, interesting places and unusual situations. Consider this picture on the right, which is the aftermath of a rather sizable nosebleed that one reader suffered while perusing the book during a bus ride (sans tissue products — drag). I hope this didn’t happen because the book launched an attack, but nothing would surprise me at this point. And given the subject matter, I’d say that covered in blood seems like an appropriate fate for “Losering.”

Still, the good news is that this particular reader did not hold a grudge and included a nice little bit about “Losering” in today’s Quip-n-Ripp column for the lifestyle and clothing company HydbyH. I’ve screen-grabbed a section of the part about the book below, and you can see the whole thing here.


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