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TXMusicI’m headed for Austin this week and my annual South By Southwest pilgrimage (which this year includes my first Ryan Adams show in more than a decade on the itinerary; yikes!). So I’ve got Texas on the brain — and wouldn’t you know it, the latest “Comin’ Right at Ya” review to turn up is from down that way. It’s in the Winter 2016 issue of Texas Music magazine, a double-review covering “CRAY” as well as “A Life…Well Lived”  by honky-tonk legend Ray Wylie Hubbard with writer Thom Jurek.

Reviewer Madison Searle provides some perfect jacket-blurb material with his conclusion, writing of “CRAY” co-author/subject/star: “He and co-author David Menconi have penned a memoir that’s nearly as much fun as one of his shows.”

We’ll take it!

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