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Ryan Adams’ new album will be out in time for Halloween

Ever since word got out about Ryan Adams making his next album, I’ve been dying to hear it. And while that probably won’t happen for a while yet, at least there is a target date. Direct Current reports Oct. 15 as the release date for the still-untitled followup to 2011’s Ashes & Fire. Consider it circled on my calendar. Below is the item.


ADDENDUM (5/7/13): Not so fast. Alas, for whatever it’s worth, Ryan himself says this report is premature and that the album is not yet ready for release (even though there were reports that it was already finished way back in February). After Relix-associated also picked up this item about the release date, Ryan posted the following on Twitter at 7:14 p.m. Tuesday:

Hey Relix, sorry folks but that is false info. There is no release date for a new album. Still writing. Nothing to report yet.

Well, we’ll see. Meanwhile, Drat…

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