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Life real and surreal:

ChewbaccaDRAWell, I’ve gotta say, being allowed to join the ranks of the Ryan Adams Cool Kids Facebook group has turned out to be the social-media highlight of this summer. Not that I needed another Facebook-centered time-waster in my life, of course. But hanging out at RACK has been a lot of fun, and here’s a thing over there: People Holding Ryan Adams Albums, goofy Photoshopped pictures of everyone from Britney Spears to Christian “American Psycho” Bale holding Ryan’s record covers. They’ve compiled the results on a non-Facebook website billed as “A Subdivision of RACK, Inc.” (and I had no idea it was this corporate). Anyway, take a look and play along.

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“Losering” prefers blondes


So I just joined a rather unusual Facebook group by the name of Ryan Adams Cool Kids. It’s a private group and actually persuading the gatekeepers to let me join was a process, as they say. I had to send three requests and do a bit of whining through back-door channels before they finally relented and let me in, which happened this afternoon.

So now that I’m in there, I’ve discovered that the banter is (a) not really that much about Ryan Adams and (b) a bit on the sharp side, though mostly (I think) in fun. But one of the RACK denizens was kind enough to concoct and post a great little welcome, this Photoshopped picture depicting the late great Marilyn Monroe perusing a copy of “Losering.” If only!

As a longtime Monroe devotee, I am beyond honored. Still not cool enough for the room, of course, but I think I’m gonna be happy to lurk there.

ADDENDUM (7/19/15) — Below, from another RACK thread…


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