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You heard the man: Listen to Ryan Adams

As we’ve covered before, Ryan Adams superfans are a very generous lot — the man’s music just seems to attract those kind of people, which makes his fan universe a great thing to be a part of. And Thom Bennett stands out as a capital fellow who puts cool things out into the world to share. Like the two batches of cool little illustrations he sent my way; they both showed up in the mail, unbidden and unexpected, a terrific surprise. Thanks, man!20180117_210744


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Worlds away

Cool thing about publishing a book is, after you set it loose, you never know how far copies of it will eventually travel. And I expect that Chandigarh in Northern India is about as far away from me as a copy of “Losering” has ever turned up. Here is a picture that Lise Michaela Lodahl was kind enough to post on the Ryan Adams Superfans Facebook page, and it’s pretty amazing to imagine someone on another continent reading a book I wrote — more than 12,000 miles away from Raleigh, literally half a world away. Nice.



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DRA might not appreciate the company in this photo, posted by  fellow superfan Shelley Fulp Sanders to the Ryan Adams Superfan Facebook page — but I do.


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More talk: The debate picks up

There’s more yackety-yack related to Planet “Losering” out there today, starting with part two of the Music Tomes interview. Yesterday’s installment was specific to “Losering,” while today’s edition is mostly focused on the UT Press American Music Series that my book is part of.

Meanwhile, a “Losering” review on has led to a quite-lively debate in the comments section. Not surprisingly, fans of Ryan’s late-period work are taking issue with my…well, let’s call it less-than-enthusiastic assessment of his recent output. One commenter on the NoDepression review said I come across as “bitter” — and as I replied to her, I’m not bitter but I do find the Ryan/Whiskeytown story to be quite bittersweet.

Similar sentiments turned up yesterday on the Ryan Adams Superfan Facebook page (and the initial version of this post concluded with Mr. Kampa saying, “Fuck you” — which he edited out before I could ask him if he kissed his mama with that mouth):

Oh well…

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