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“Step It Up and Go” — literally onscreen

StepWell, folks, I can tell you this: There are better times to publish a book than in the midst of a ravaging worldwide pandemic and catastrophic economic meltdown. Still, we’re doing what we can to mark this fall’s rollout of “Step It Up and Go” — coming Oct. 19 from the fine folks at UNC Press.

Alas, a number of scheduled in-person events have come and gone from the calendar, like the “Step It Up and Go” stage I was going to curate and emcee for one day of the NC State Fair. So we’re pressing on with online virtual events. Below is what we have on the books so far; more events are in the works, so please continue checking here for schedule updates.

Meanwhile, UNC Press has begun rolling out the multi-media promotional stuff, starting with this short preview trailer below. A longer one is in-progress and will be coming soon, too. Check that out and I hope to cross paths with you sometime, virtually if not physically.


Readings and Events

Tuesday, Aug. 25 (7 p.m.) – Virtual event with novelist David Goodwillie and writer/musician Kelly Crisp, via Page 158 Books, Wake Forest.

Sunday, Sept. 13 (10 a.m.) — Interview on Little Raleigh Radio.

Wednesday, Oct. 14 — “History @ High Noon” talk on beach music, virtual event via North Carolina Museum of History, Raleigh.

Monday, Oct. 19 (7 p.m.) — Virtual event with Scott Huler via Quail Ridge Books, Raleigh.

Wednesday, Oct. 21 (6 p.m.) — “UNC Press Presents” virtual event via Malaprop’s Bookstore/Cafe, Asheville.

Saturday, Oct. 24 — Record Store Day at Schoolkids Records, Raleigh.

Thursday, Oct. 29 (6 p.m.) — Virtual discussion with Jon Wurster and Tom Maxwell via Flyleaf Books, Chapel Hill.



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Old habits die hard…

1989CDBecause I am a sucker whose dotage is drawing ever nearer, I actually got in my motor vehicle and drove to my local indie record store this afternoon, just like we used to do back in the old days way back when. And once there, I procured a copy of DRA 1989 — not on the cooler-than-thou format of vinyl, but on old-fangled, outdated compact disc.

While the CD version of DRA 1989 was only recently released, I’ve had these 13 tracks in my iTunes for more than a month; since right before the Sept. 21 release date for the digital version, in fact, which begs the question: Why bother getting a CD, then?

I guess it’s because on some level, albums still never feel quite “real” to me until I have them on an actual physical object. Maybe that’s Pavlovian habit, or some sort of loyalty to my favorite artists, but there you have it. Or rather, there I have it. Get your own copy.

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The clock is ticking on Sadlack’s

Photo courtesy of John Morris,

Photo courtesy of John Morris,

Earlier this year, when I did a post about local landmarks where key events in the “Losering” story happened, I concluded with a paragraph about Sadlack’s — the beer joint/sandwich shop where Ryan Adams and other employees formed the first version of Whiskeytown in the fall of 1994. That entire block of Hillsborough Street has been on borrowed time for quite a while now, condemned for a big-ass hotel project. Last time I spoke to owner Rose Schwetz, she told me that she planned to stay there “until the bulldozers come and make me leave.”

Alas, it seems that the hour of Sadlack’s demise might come sooner rather than later. There’s a December deadline for all businesses in that block to relocate (including the adjacent Schoolkids Records). And according to a story in today’s paper, Rose says she’s going to hang it up unless she finds another spot by June 1. Still, even if she does find another place to reopen, it’s hard to imagine it will have the same funky ambience that made Sadlack’s a local institution for 40 years. When the weather’s nice, there’s no better spot to hear a band play than the Sadlack’s patio. Between this and the loss of the Brewery, Raleigh has ever-fewer spots from Ryan’s in-town heyday.

But hope springs eternal. Even though it doesn’t look good for Sadlack’s, I’ve got my fingers crossed a miracle happens.

ADDENDUM (5/7/13): WRAL TV report.

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Ryan Adams brings Pornography to Record Store Day

Saturday is Record Store Day, the brick-and-mortar music-retail industry’s annual attempt to hang in there and tempt folks back into independent record stores with ultra-rare in-store-only releases. This year’s crop includes Flaming Lips, White Stripes, Dave [Fucking] Matthews and scores more. People are probably already lining up and camping out at your local indie store, like Raleigh’s Schoolkids Records — owned nowadays by Stephen Judge, who I quoted a few times in “Losering” (including a very funny back-in-the-day story about Ryan telling Stephen he was going to start a country band called Whiskeytown “’cause punk rock is too hard to sing”).

So your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to snag a copy of the Record Store Day release below and report back about how it is. This is Pornography, a punk band featuring our man Ryan Adams on guitar; and 7 Minutes in Heaven is exactly what it sounds like, seven songs on seven inches of vinyl in seven minutes. While you’re pondering 7s-are-wild jokes, take a listen to the opening track; and check interviews with Pornography vocalist Leah Hennessey here and here; and a review here.


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Come see me at Hopscotch this weekend

This weekend brings the big Hopscotch Music Festival to Raleigh, with 175 acts in 15 venues around downtown, and it promises to be a rousing good time. Thursday’s opening night sure went great — there’s a recap here, and a preview story in the paper here. I’ll be around and about both Friday and Saturday, as both an observer and low-impact participant.

My participatory part of it happens Friday afternoon at Deep South, where the Schoolkids Records/Blurt magazine day party happens with a fine lineup including Jenny Besetzt, Lazy Janes, Toddlers, Old Bricks and Gross Ghost. I’ll be serving as emcee; and they’ll be selling copies of “Losering” at the merch table. Buy one and I’ll throw in a signature gratis.

That’s noon to 5 p.m. Friday at Deep South, 430 S. Dawson St. in Raleigh. It’s even free. So for those in the Greater Raleigh vicinity: Y’all come.

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