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“Losering” gets around: all the way to China

Used to be you’d send a book out into the world and very possibly never see or hear a trace of it again. Sure, you hoped it would eventually wind up in far-away places, somewhere across the ocean. For all you knew, maybe it did. But there was very little chance you’d ever see any evidence of that.

In these days of online miracle and wonder, however, you can track such things with ease. In addition to hearing from an overseas reader or two, I’ve run across “Losering” reviews written in Dutch and Swedish. It’s also in at least one library in Italy; and it recently got as high as No. 3 on’s listing of bluegrass books in England (um, bluegrass?…Really?…).

This I love most of all: “Losering” is even available in China, where it can be had on for the sum of “¥123” (which Mr. Mike Quinlan tells me is China’s Yuan currency, 123 of which come to $19.78). Check it out below. I was hoping that 作者 was my name in the “Simplified Han” dialect; but according to Google Translate, that just means “author.” Oh well.

ADDENDA: My pal Stacy informs me that “Losering” can also be found on amazon Japan, where the paperback version sells for 1,513 Yen (about $17). I’ve added the screengrab below.



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Translate Slowly: The Swedish are coming!

So I happened upon a “Losering” review that ran in a blog in (I believe) Sweden, called La Cienega. At least it’s written in Swedish, according to Google Translate. And what does said review mean in English? Glad you asked. When I copied it into Google Translate, below is what came out — verbatim. I hope you enjoy it at least half as much as I did, naval battles and all. Hearty appetite, indeed!

In autumn had read David Menconis book Ryan Adams with the handsome subtitled Lose Ring, a story of Whiskeytown. A captivating depiction of, especially, Ryan Adams and Whiskeytown Towns rise and fall in Raleigh in the mid nineties. Very readable. A book that manages to capture both the musical genius and the bipolar Keith Richards-wannaben Ryan Adams. Live band Whiskeytown, according Menconi, one evening a naval battle, the next maybe 90’s best. I would have preferred one of those glittering performances. The few clips on youtube tastes. Hearty appetite.

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