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Going back to Whiskeytown, in style


If you’ve read “Losering,” you know that I loved Whiskeytown and wanted the rest of the world to love them, too. Despite making some incredible music, however, they just never broke through commercially. By now, a decade and a half after breaking up, Whiskeytown is little more than an obscure footnote to Ryan Adams’ solo career, unjust though that seems.

But someone beyond the old hometown fans must remember, because a company called Contusion has gone to the trouble of recreating the design from one of the tour shirts that Whiskeytown used to sell on the road back in the day. This was the band’s best-selling shirt from 1997-98, according to road manager Thomas O’Keefe. Manufactured by California-based Zazzle Apparel, it can be yours for $27.95 plus shipping and handling (pro-tip: I’m told that if you use code ZSUNSETSALES, the total end price with shipping/handling will be $30.25).

It might be just the thing to wear while listening to DRA 1989, whenever that comes out.


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