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Oh Ryan, won’t you please come home

Back in March, my Facebook friend Tony Sicilia (a public-school teacher in the greater Raleigh vicinity) made a plaintive Twitter plea for Ryan Adams to end his apparent North Carolina boycott and come back to his native state — promising the enticement of “the best homemade Italian dinner you’ve ever had,” cooked by his mom. And even though it was charming and heartfelt, it didn’t do the trick. Ryan’s last round of U.S. touring took him to every adjoining state without him ever setting foot on a stage in North Carolina.

But Tony, God bless him, has not given up. Below is a followup offer he made to Ryan, again by Twitter, promising that the dinner invitation still stands even if Ryan doesn’t play here; and darned if @TheRyanAdams didn’t favorite it. We’re pulling for you, Tony!


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Poor Ryan…

MandyRyanXThere will be a lot more said about this — there’s already plenty flying around out there — but all that needs saying from the outside is it’s too bad and we’re sorry to hear it.

(UPDATE, 12/9/2015: Almost a year later, things are turning ugly over money.)

Meanwhile, Ryan’s Twitter feed has been rather illuminating. Right around the time that news of the Ryan-Mandy split was breaking Friday night, Ryan tweeted a link to the Grateful Dead’s “Bird Song.” He didn’t add any sort of comment, so maybe it was just coincidence. But coming on the heels of recent tweets with “Tunnel of Love” and “I Am the Cosmos”… I don’t think so:

All I know is something like a bird within her sang,
All I know she sang a little while and then flew on,
Tell me all that you know, I’ll show you snow and rain.
If you hear that same sweet song again, will you know why?
Anyone who sings a tune so sweet is passin’ by,
Laugh in the sunshine, sing, cry in the dark, fly through the night.
Don’t cry now, don’t you cry, don’t you cry anymore.
Sleep in the stars, don’t you cry, dry your eyes on the wind.
All I know is something like a bird within her sang,
All I know she sang a little while and then flew off,
Tell me all that you know, I’ll show you snow and rain.
UPDATE (6/6/2018): Mandy Moore on her exes, including Ryan:

Moore then touched on her first marriage to musician Ryan Adams, which ended in a “devastating” divorce.

“It didn’t sour my idea of romance or marriage or monogamy. I just chose the wrong person,” she said. When Stern said she should have done a Braff with Adams and just done “two years in and out,” Moore joked, “Maybe less!”

Though she denied Adams cheated on her, she explained, “We’re just different, we were not meant to be. It was a very lonely life. Someone who’s obsessed with themselves and obsessed with their work and wasn’t able to be a partner or husband. The anger subsided for me now. I have so much distance from it now, I have a different perspective.”

She added that new fiance Taylor Goldsmith “couldn’t be more diametrically opposite” of her ex. “Life is good, I feel very lucky,” she added. Moore also said she’s “ready” for kids, but will have to time it out with her “This Is Us” shooting schedule. “I jump around in time, so it would be weird playing an older lady with a pregnant belly,” she joked.


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Another award Ryan Adams is up for

OMusicLogoThe heck with the Grammy Awards. Ryan Adams is nominated in the O Music Awards, which “celebrate the best in digital music, from the top artist on Twitter to the most innovative music app.” Below is Ryan’s nomination spiel, which makes it clear that his on-again-off-again Twitter usage is what got him the nod (and it’s a pity he’s not still blogging, he’d be a shoe-in to win). Just today, Ryan was giving Twitter shout-outs to Ezra Koenig for debuting at No. 1 on the charts with the new Vampire Weekend album. I wish I had more first-hand knowledge of Ryan’s Twitter universe; but when I tried to follow @TheRyanAdams on Twitter, I discovered that I am among the many people he has blocked. Oh well, so it goes. Still, vote early and vote often. The awards will be presented on June 19.


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