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Year-end wishes from Ryan Adams

For Ryan Adams, 2015 began with news breaking that he and Mandy Moore were splitting up. Sounds like a tough year, all in all, and those of us on the outside clearly do not even know the half of it. Below is his end-of-year summary, from an Instagram post



2015… My hardest year yet. It didn’t kill me but it tried. I’m stronger for all the failures. I’m wiser for the losses. I laugh with more ease knowing it can all be gone in a second. I lost people I loved so much but I also made the best friends I ever had. This will always be the year I lost myself to actually find myself again. My band brothers, Mike, Charlie, Daniel and Freddy, our fucking amazing crew who we love so much, my most incredible managers, my most protective pals like Donnie, Megs and Albert, Molly, Todd and all people who stepped in and held me up when it felt like the bottom had no end like Johnny T, Bob Mould, Cat Popper, Noah A, Jesse Malin, Ruby, Elton… People who gave me faith and sometimes a hard time I deserved. All those who rode with me and The Shining on the most epic tour ever, Jenny Lewis, like a tough kung fu sister I never knew I had and her badass band, Butch Walker a brother to me and an inspiration, Doc, Nate Lotz and Nate “Bishop” Walcott ( of Aliens fame) Marshall and Phoebe and Lee Foster an endless list of others… friends I lost or things we all lost to time like Letterman, Allen RIP and so many … Looking back it feels like a book I’ll never be able to absorb completely… Like tears in the rain… It was my worst Menieres year and yet the first year Menieres NEVER won… I never felt more connected to all the fans, to the shows… What a beautiful gift. I’ll never forget it. To anyone having a look back with trouble in their hearts, calculating the losses VS the wins you are not alone. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Keep your feet on the ground. Never give up. Never let the dark take you to a place you don’t deserve… Get up, brush your teeth, comb your hair ( if you want- I don’t want to ) and pull yourself up by your bootstraps and go live. 2015 is yesterday soon, and our hearts were there to be broken and our faith exists to be challenged and this life, this world and our dreams are ours to shape. Every day is a new chance to rise up and do good. Find the path. Find the magic. Build your fucking dream. Never give up. Ever. Ever. Do Good. Then BE the good. Happy New Years, I love you Peace DRA 2015

UPDATE (12/27/2018): It seems that 2018 was a pretty rough year for Ryan, too.

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