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Governor’s Ball: A “Terminator” nightmare?

As noted earlier, Ryan Adams is playing a whole bunch of festivals this year, and they’re gigs that come with a certain amount of built-in potential irritants. Sound bleed from one stage to another, for instance. Saturday night at New York’s Governors Ball found Ryan reportedly getting in touch with his inner Mark Kozelek while trying to be heard over electronic dance music star deadmau5 (Joel Thomas Zimmerman), who was playing another stage nearby.

Ryan and deadmau5 have recorded together before (although nothing was ever released). But that didn’t stop Ryan from talking a little get-off-my-lawn-type smack onstage: “Try and make this song on your fucking iPhone. This song is not going to match the robot music over there. It’s like we’re living in a ‘Terminator’ nightmare.” Then he played “Oh My Sweet Carolina.”

Oh, Ryan…

The initial response from deadmau5 via Twitter is below. He also went on to call Ryan “a cool dude…talented musician, had a jam sesh with em once. Which is why I find this odd,” and to poke fun at some of the headlines about the incident: “OH ONES! another rocker vs. Electronic music feud! This is all JUST SO FUCKIN NEW! At least his music is original.”

UPDATE (5 p.m.): At the bottom, a peace-making Twitter exchange between Ryan and deadmau5 restores civility and brings it to a close.


Ryan: No disrespect meant. My humor is 100% sarcasm (as you know). Peace & love. Build that dream machine!…I wrote that last tweet to @deadmau5 on my I phone. Same one I used to take voice notes for my last and new record.

deadmau5: nah  man. i thought it was funny. 😉 no harm done.

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