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On the shelf Down Under

Earlier this week, when I posted about “Losering” turning up in a few far-off spots in Australia and New Zealand, I asked for anybody in the vicinity of the University of Western Sydney’s Penrith Campus to send me pictures of it in the stacks at Ward Library there. And while I was hoping someone might eventually do that, I sure didn’t expect it to happen this fast. But God bless Danielle Roddick, senior media officer of the university’s office of marketing and communication, who was kind enough to follow through and do just that.

So here it is, in the company of tomes about Neil Young, Velvet Underground, Pete Townshend, Yo La Tengo, Freddie Mercury, Australia’s own AC/DC and other luminaries. Very cool to know that it’s on a shelf somewhere more than 9,641 miles away from home. Thanks, Danielle — maybe someone down there will check it out!

AustraliaLibrary1   AustraliaLibrary2

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Oh, the places you’ll go: The company one keeps Down Under

TroveIt’s been great fun to watch “Losering” slowly make its way into the world and turn up in some very distant lands. I happened upon it recently in a couple of places on the far side of the world, Australia and New Zealand. In the case of the former, the book can now be found in the National Library of Australia; in the stacks at Ward Library on the University of Western Sydney’s Penrith Campus, to be precise (and if anybody down there is reading this, please send a picture!).

To the east of Australia, meanwhile, an online vendor called Mighty Ape NZ’s listing of New Zealand’s “Best Selling Film, Television & Music Books” has “Losering” right next to a couple of memoirs — Monica Mayhem’s “Absolute Mayhem: Confessions of a Porn Star,” and Keith Richards’ “Life.” I hope Ryan is as honored by the placement as I am. And even if he’s not, well, I’m sure Keef would just say that it’s all just showbiz. It is, eh?


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