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You’re gonna hear me on your radio

WHUPLast summer, I wrote a News & Observer profile of Charlie Brown, a legendary beach-music deejay who has been on the air for more than half-a-century in North Carolina. The real-life Ed Weiss is a fascinating character who more or less invented beach music, and I loved hearing some of his stories going back to the days of Beatlemania. He also had some terrific memories from emceeing a 1965 Rolling Stones show in Raleigh.

Well, turn-about is fair play, and Charlie is going to have me on his radio show tomorrow (Tuesday, Feb. 16) to talk about a few of the artists I’ve interviewed over the years. So I’ve collected an anecdote or two, including one about the person who originally inspired this blog.

“The Charlie Brown Show” airs on Hillsborough radio station WHUP-FM Tuesday afternoons from 1 to 3, and I’m scheduled for the first hour. This is weather permitting, of course, since we’re in the midst of an icy stretch here. If you’re within radio reach of Hillsborough, tune in at 104.7-FM. If not, listen online here.

Update: If you didn’t hear the show, it’s in the archive.


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