“Losering”: Looking even better

LoseringWhatever “Losering”‘s writerly merits (or, ahem, lack thereof), it’s undeniable that the book has a truly spectacular cover. As designed by the incomparable Lindsay Starr at UT Press, the “Losering” cover has already won some very fine accolades. And here’s another nice place it has turned up — on the design-display site Cover Reference, where “Losering” more than visually holds its own among the many amazing cover illustrations archived there.

Thank you again, Lindsay! That beer I owe ya is coming right up, just as soon as I make it to Austin. And I also hope to get a look-see at the cover for the upcoming American Music Series book on Merle Haggard…

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4 thoughts on ““Losering”: Looking even better

  1. gveo

    Well looks ARE a part of the story, both god given and practiced (the famous “bedhead” is often a studied affair, the quote about the life force in one who “spends their own money to cap teeth,” the New York phase of hipster outfits…)–it’s only fitting that the book be good looking, and aware of itself looking good!

  2. dmenconi

    Indeed. I’d love to know what Ryan himself thought the first time he saw it — some combination of irritation and grudging acknowledgement of its coolness, I expect.

    • gveo

      yes he would appreciate its coolness for sure, but our master of conflicted feelings would have no problem being simultaneously annoyed and peeved.

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