Ryan Adams’ land of Kotten

KottenIf you’ve got a spare 10 grand burning a hole in your pocket, you can own a one-of-a-kind artifact from Ryan Adams’ early pre-Whiskeytown history. For sale on eBay right now is a spiral notebook with notes for 14 songs that Ryan wrote for Kotten — one of the bands from his native Jacksonville, before he moved on up to Raleigh in the early ’90s.

The seller identifies himself as one of Ryan’s Kotten bandmates; and the starting bid really is listed as $10,000. Item description is below. Bidding closes late Tuesday night, and I’ll be curious to see if there are any takers.

UPDATE & POSTSCRIPT (12/27/2015): Within several hours after this post appeared, the notebook was listed as “no longer available” on eBay. I subsequently heard from the seller, Dellamorte (which is also his stage name in a current Wilmington band called The Needles). He said he found the notebook in his grandmother’s house after her death and hung onto it. And after seeing how much money other Ryan artifacts have been selling for, he did this on a lark to see “what kind of reaction it would get” being put up for sale at an absurd price – and he said he actually got an above-asking-price offer from someone in Spain. But Dellamorte said he has no intention of selling the notebook and plans to keep it himself.

One of a kind, the only one. Ryan Adams first songs, written in a notebook by Ryan. We were in a band Kotton. These are the notes he wrote down to play them. There are about 14 song notes in this notebook. A must for any collector.

When I found this I called him and told them what I had found!. Nothing like this ever come to market. Your chance to own history.

In the photo is Ryan Adams singing, and me on bass. Imagine finding Jimi Hendricks first written out songs…

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